Dolby Atmos

mixing and mastering for 3D audio
Booking and Rates

Certified Studio

First studio certified for Atmos music by Dolby Labs in Spain and the only one specialized in mastering for Dolby Atmos.


High-end equipment, monitoring system and premium acoustics. PSI Audio, Hedd, Audeze and Avid/DAD.


Information on what and how about this new format.

Tailor-made budgets

Budget prepared according to the needs of each job.

Apple Music

Masters done according to specifications for Spatial Audio .

Conversion to Surround

Conversion to surround, ambisonics or any extra format you need.

We create and convert your mixes and masters to Dolby Atmos, the format that is revolutionizing the entire industry.

Apple, Tidal and Amazon already have many immersive audio recordings in their catalog and it is becoming the high-quality benchmark that accompanies stereo.

Its strong point is, that it is a format compatible with any speaker system that the user has. From complex sets of up to 20 units to stereo or even binaural for headphones. We could not be less and we already have our studio equipped with PSI Audio high definition speakers and Avid/DAD converters.

3D Audio

Immersive Mix

Stereo mix conversion to Dolby Atmos. Direct production in Atmos, from stems or stereo masters.

Mastering Atmos

Creation of Atmos masters with specifications for Apple’s Spatial Audio. Tonal balance, dynamics and final loudness.

From Binaural

Evaluation, correction and improvement of your project done in binaural with headphones. Creation of the final masters.


What is Atmos?

It is an immersive format that has its origin in the movies. The big difference with others (such as 5.1) is that instead of channels we have objects that represent a spatial location.

In addition, the system can downfold to whatever format the listener has installed, be it 20 speakers or just a stereo pair.

Where can I listen to music in Atmos?

On Apple Music, you’ll find a huge selection of featured titles under the Spatial Audio label. In Tidal (Hifi option) you have a lot of 3D music. On Amazon Music Hd and also the musical content of Netflix, HBO, etc.

Every day more and more are added…

Do I need a full 12-speaker setup to create music in Atmos?

No, although it is always recommended. If you don’t have it, you can work your mix in binaural (you’ll be surprised) and when it’s ready, I can do your mastering in Atmos to make sure everything sounds as it should and as good as possible.

But, who is going to hear it if hardly anyone has that many speakers?
Nowadays most people will listen to it on headphones in Binaural, but keep in mind that there are already many cheap systems that are compatible with Atmos, such as sound bars, home cinema speakers or even computer speakers.
We are at the beginning and there are already many big companies that are investing a lot in this. In my opinion, everything is on the way to future implementation in “Meta” type virtual realities, so in one way or another, it is and will be a format that will accompany the traditional stereo.
Do you accept any sample rate?

Yes, although if the audio is not at 48 Khz file, We will have to be converted to that frequency because Atmos can only be delivered that way.

I recommend that you work at 96 or 48 Khz.

How do I prepare my audios to send them to you?
Prepare your stems so they will be groups of instruments. For example, if you have 3 kick drum channels (in, out and sub) create a stem with just one. If you have 2 guitar mics, again create a single mic with the two of them.
It is important that if the song has already been released, you send me each processed audio with everything that was in the original mix, such as the buses and the master fader. The idea is that if you put all the stems in an empty project in your DAW, it will sound as close as possible (or even the same) to your stereo mix.
If you have any idea of positioning, send it to me, as well as everything related to the mix that you think is appropriate.
As for effects, those that are part of the sound design (such as a Cosmic, Black Hole or similar reverb) can be rendered together with the audio channel, but it is best to have everything on separate tracks or stems, and thus we can create further immersion.
Once we start working I will guide you through the whole process in detail.
What kind of mastering do you do?
I do mastering for any available audio format: CD, DVD, DSD, Vinyl Premaster, Dolby Atmos, Multichannel 5.1… When it comes to output formats, in my experience, it’s best to make a single master file for everything except Apple Digital Masters, Vinyl and Atmos/5.1.
If you have doubts about it, it is best to consult us.


My studio is designed to offer a linear and pleasant sound response, taking care of both the equipment and the power/sound lines. The studio has two different systems for Stereo and for Atmos.
  • Playback: Dutch and Dutch 8C with Merging HAPI and Anubis. PSI Audio (models A21m, A17M, A14M and A225M) with Avid/DAD MTRX Studio and DAD Mom. Hedd Audio HeddPhone & TC Clarity Surround.
  • Processing: Api 5500 (Scott Lieber’s MOD), Knif SOMA, Rupert Neve Design Master Bus Processor.
  • Software: Sequoia, Protools, Logic Audio Pro, Ableton Live, Izotope RX, Dolby Atmos Renderer (DAPS), Pluging Alliance Mix Master Bundle, Kush Audio Bundle, Fabfilter Bundle, Softube Weiss EQ01 & DS01, Cinematics Rooms, Nugen Bundle, Waves Bundle .