Premium Mastering

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More than 20 years of experience in professional mastering.

Fast Turnaround

Your complete mastering in 7 business days and express mastering service.


High-quality formats in PCM and DSD/DXD, Dolby Atmos and immersive formats.


Mastering done with ears, without algorithms or artificial intelligence.
If you request it, we analyze and evaluate your mix before doing the mastering.


Studio with high-end analog and state-of-the-art digital equipment. In addition, the room has a almost perfect representation of 20 Hz to 20 Khz.

ADM Provider

Recognized by Apple as an Official ADM Provider (formerly Mastered for iTunes). Studio certified by Dolby Labs.


My way of mastering is always respectful of the original mix.

For me the first thing is emotion and musicality. Looking for the perfect balance between dynamics and loudness according to the style and genre of the mix, highlighting the punch and planes of each instrument and taking it to its full potential.

Eduardo Molina

Producer, Garlic Records

“Working with Pedro has become something necessary for me. Necessary for the peace of mind that comes from leaving the quality control of the project in the best hands, improving the songs and the mixer itself in each feedback and work.”

Diego Garcia

Producer/Mixer, Audio Feeling

I master with Pedro Viñuela since 2015. Among multiple national and international options, I have found the professional to trust my mixes for both external clients and my own productions. It is the last phase of production, a critical moment in which you risk the final result of your work. Pedro has an exceptional ear and criteria along with extensive experience to know what my mixes need and takes them to the highest level.

Alvaro Granda

Producer, Reykjavik606, Divorce From New York

“Without a doubt, working with Pedro is always a luxury, professional as a big tree and he understands perfectly what we want, both the masters for Reykjavik606 and for my new project Divorce From New York improved our and my expectations, my favorite sound engineer long.”

Pedro Viñuela

I have been a sound engineer for more than 20 years. A long time has passed since I released my first electronic music album on the market in 1997, a key moment in my life because I discovered how much everything related to music recording and production attracted me.

My passion for the world of audio and music and my obsessive perfectionism have taken me from one studio to another until in 2010 I opened Nexo 101 Mastering in “La Latina” in Madrid.

After a move from Madrid to Valencia, I continue creating masters with dynamics, definition and punch from my new studio and I remain obsessed with the purity of audio and bringing the world of professional mastering, into the 21st century. This is why I work both with a selection of high-end analog equipment, as well as with the latest digital tools: Warmth and precision. So that the music not only sounds the way it should, but also feels the way it should .

It’s important to me to always be ahead of the curve, which is why I’ve added a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system to my studio. Thus being the first studio certified by Dolby Labs for music in Spain.

I also collaborate with many schools in Spain, (SAE, MIllenia, Trade, Musiluz, ProAudio…) giving classes, seminars and masterclasses on audio, especially professional mixing and mastering. Currently, I co-direct the online platform “The Audio Sessions” where we address many different topics for all levels. In this line, I also do “one-one” consulting.

More about me? I play the piano and drums, I like skateboarding, surfing and analog photography.